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Fish Mobility - Disabled Fishing & Angling mobility service available

Mobility Buggy

Fish Mobility Buggies

Our four-wheel motorised Fish Mobility Buggies are an extremely popular way to get anglers and their tackle effortlessly around all the lakes. Perfect for disabled anglers or poorer walkers they might just enable you to do more when on holiday than you normally would.

Subject to a small number of restrictions (like the requirement of a driving licence for insurance), the easy-to-drive buggies are available at modest cost and provide the opportunity not only to take tackle, bivvies and all your equipment to pegs anywhere on the site but they are also a great way to explore Lonsdale Park's 40-plus unspoiled acres.

Testimonial - Improving visitors stays at Lonsdale Park

"What a brilliant idea the buggies are. I had one for my personal use all week, which allowed me to fish parts of the estate that I could not have done otherwise." - Roy (Disabled Angler)

Pneumatic Trolley
Pneumatic Platform Trolleys - Move Equipment Effortlessly

In addition, Lonsdale Park can also provide easy-to-pull four-wheel pneumatic platform trolleys which also provide easy transportation of tackle to and from swims.

Once again the trolleys are available for hire at modest cost. The buggies and trolleys are ideal for use on the spacious gravel pathways which meander through the site and save a lot of strenuous lifting and carrying for anglers who have a lot of tackle.

Numbers of Buggies and Trolleys are limited - we don't want too many Buggies zipping about, so if you need one we recommend pre-booking.

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