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Flora and Fauna - A SSSI site with a wealth of beauty and diversity

Lonsdale Park is home to a huge variety of wild life, remember to bring your binoculars fishing with you!


The site is very popular with bird watchers with its resident Kingfishers, Grasshopper Warblers and visiting Ospreys, Buzzards, Red Starts and many, many other species found on-site.


One regular bird watcher recently counted over 45 different species of birds at one sitting.

As a result, we thoroughly recommend our guests to explore the surroundings quietly in order to share the excitement of previous visitors who have spotted not only rare birds but also deer, foxes and badgers.


More recent arrivals were a family of hedgehogs who took up residence near the cottages and were frequently seen by guests whilst the wetter than usual weather proved a bonus for the wild orchids which flourished better than ever.

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