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What Are We?

Lonsdale Park is the site of the old Lonsdale Brick and Tile Works, which was owned by the Lonsdale Family. Many parts of the site date back to 1869.

The site is set over flat ground, and features excellent paths throughout, something which is often remarked on by our guests is how easy it is to access our waters, no uphill hikes here!

The ponds are old clay pits, so often have a rich colour - especially when the fish are feeding!

Some under water features are remnants of the ponds industrial heritage, and are marked on our site map.

Lonsdale Park is also a SSSI, which is a site of special scientific interest, designated by Natural England. This accolade is a result of the careful conservation work which has encouraged and preserved a wide variety of wildlife, with many rare birds and orchids found on-site

Our Philosphy

We believe in the Golden days of angling, and that they are not over yet!

Here at Lonsdale we try and preserve a little of the spirit of Sir Isaac, whilst offering our guest modern luxury.

We believe that angling is good for the soul and the mind, and are particularly keen to encourage young, new, and disabled anglers.

If you find yourself reading Chris Yates, Tom O'Reilly, Arthur Ransome, George Shaman, Archie Bradocks, and of course Bernard Venables, you'll be right at home here.

And if you don't but you like us then we're sure you'll appreciate these authors too!

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