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Please respect the following rules, which must be adhered to, as they are for the benefit of fish and anglers alike:

On arrival, residents must dip landing nets, unhooking mats, net bags, etc for 30 minutes and then rinse them in the tanks provided.

Only barbless hooks are allowed. Crushed barbs, etc are not allowed and checks are made.

All ledger rigs including method feeders must be free running and able to drop away in the event of a break off.

Anglers are asked to be sensible with line strengths and to use a hook length which is weaker than their main line.

Rods in use must never be left unattended - even when remote bite alarms are being used. If you leave it - you may loose it!

Anglers may only use a maximum of two rods per person.

Anglers must respect other anglers' swims by not casting across swims.

Please do not 'reserve' pegs by leaving unattended tackle or bivvies.

The siting of bivvies should be by arrangement.

Only Lonsdale Park groundbait should be used.

Specimen fish should be photographed kneeling down, over an unhooking mat. (Highly recommended safety unhooking mats are available in the shop at discounted price).

Unhooking mats must be used for large fish.

Anglers must use a minimum 8lb breaking strain line when fishing for Carp and a minimum breaking strain of 4lbs for other fish.

When fishing the pole, anglers should use heavy elastic.

Carp sacks may only be used by prior arrangement for the verification and photographing of large fish with the exception of Grass Carp, which should be released immediately. (Please ensure carp sacks are securely fixed).

Klinic or a similar antiseptic should be carried by all anglers at all times. (Again this is available at a discounted price in the shop).

Keep nets are not allowed, with the exception of during residents' matches.

We ask anglers to use only baits that are Lonsdale endorsed and are available in the on-site tackle shop. These can be pre-ordered or purchased throughout your stay. (Pre-order details can be found on our facilities and downloads pages)

The use of trout pellets, Tiger Nuts and Peanuts is prohibited.

Landing nets should be used on all but the smallest fish.

Unauthorised live baiting is not allowed.

Night Fishing is allowed!

Residents can fish any peg with the exception of private pegs allocated to the accommodation.

Anglers are asked to report any snapped off rigs, etc in trees or snags and to ensure they pick up all their own litter in order to protect our wildlife.

Anglers should observe the speed limit on the approach road.

If swans and ducks are present - please do not feed them.

Cycling is not permitted around the lakes.

Lonsdale Park reserves the right to ask any person not adhering to the rules to leave.

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